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Who Are We?

We are an Agile Marketing Agency that help people and companies to build incredible brands and superior products and services.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we apply agile to marketing, creating marketing teams that operate at the speed of change and effective marketing campaigns that boost brand visibility, engage target audience and drive measurable business results. we revolutionize digital marketing with agile strategies, enabling teams to adapt swiftly in today's fast-paced environment.

Our Approach

We emphasize on responding to change, over following a plan. Our aspiration is to get everybody on the same page and also prioritise alignment with the speed of industry shifts.

Why work with us

Unparalleled adaptability, efficient resource use, and a continuous learning mindset. We discard lengthy campaigns for rapid, iterative testing. No more reliance on opinions; we base decisions on real data.

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For a dynamic partnership, where adaptability, efficiency, and continuous improvement drive digital marketing success. Elevate your brand as we redefine marketing's future through agile methodologies

At Agile Freelance Consulting, we're passionate about Agile methodologies, remote work, and helping businesses thrive in the digital age. With a combined experience of over 10 years in Agile practices, our team of seasoned professionals is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients and Unlock Your Business Potential with Agile Development. Our Agile development services are tailored to meet the evolving needs of your business. We collaborate closely with your team to deliver rapid, iterative, and customer-centric solutions. Our Agile approach ensures that your projectsare delivered on time and within budget.


Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Lead Agile Coach
I have worked with teams and groups with various dynamics. It has always been great putting them back on track. The results and feedback I get is always Exceptional and work progress has always been wonderful. Let us work together and transform your needs into success stories.
Zach Hawkins
Team Leader
I have worked with Bernice before her consulting launching. She is an excellent freelancer to work with even with the time difference I still got the best result. She was able to complete the task within 2 days. She is an amazing Agile Coach and I am happy her coaching skills is professional.
Niki Dunkins
Team Member
Bernice is a great freelancer to work with. She is quick, responsive and works hard to understand your needs. She has very good knowledge of Agile and many adoptation techniques. Our Scrum team is back on track and it's thanks to her. She is always willing to share her experience in this area.