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Agile Freelance Consulting is your destination for expert Agile coaching and consulting services, led by Bernice—a seasoned Agile Coach, Scrum Master, and Product Owner based in the United Arab Emirates. Bernice brings a wealth of experience in Agile Product Management and is committed to bridging the gap between business and IT, fostering collaboration with developers, designers, architects, management, and other stakeholders.

Our Approach

Welcome to Agile Freelance Consulting: Empowering Your Growth Journey

At Agile Freelance Consulting, we redefine the way businesses approach marketing, strategy, and team building. Our agile methodology sets us apart, ensuring that your brand stays at the forefront of innovation. Whether you're looking to enhance your social media presence, establish a robust marketing strategy, or build a dynamic marketing team, we have tailored solutions for your needs.

Agile Bootcamp

Mastering Agile through Our Bootcamp
Join our Agile Bootcamp to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in Agile methodologies. Whether you're new to Agile or looking to sharpen your skills, our bootcamp offers comprehensive training that equips you to lead Agile projects effectively.
  • Virtual Training
  • Corporate Training

Business Bootcamp

Transform Your Business with Our Business Bootcamp
Our Business Bootcamp equips entrepreneurs and leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive business growth in today's competitive landscape.
  • Virtual Training
  • Corporate Training

Our Services Include


We dig deep to uncover insights that inform your strategies and drive success get inside your buyers heads and uncover powerful opportunities to grow.

Content Delivey

Deliver your message with exceptionally clear persuasive writing


Crafting a roadmap for your business to thrive in the digital landscape is our specialty, Accelerate lead generation and achieve sustained growth over time.

Branding Services

Establish a strong, memorable identity across any industry.

Social Media

We harness the power of social media platforms to elevate your brand's presence, expand your reach and track your results in real time with today’s most powerful tools.

Engaging Target Audience

we go beyond conventional marketing.

Blog News

Stay Informed and Inspired

Explore our blog for the latest insights,
tips, and trends in Agile methodologies, business strategies, and digital transformation.
Our experts share their knowledge to keep you informed and inspired.

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Change the culture

Monday, January 09th at 7:00am

In agile organisation, silas are broken down in favour of collaboration, communication and transparency.

Burnout is on the Rise!

Tuesday, February 22nd at 10:00am

Why do business leaders need a wakee-up call to take bunout seriously right now? According to a recent Future Forum survey, employee stree levels are on the rise...


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Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Lead Agile Coach
I have worked with teams and groups with various dynamics. It has always been great putting them back on track. The results and feedback I get is always Exceptional and work progress has always been wonderful. Let us work together and transform your needs into success stories.
Zach Hawkins
Team Leader
I have worked with Bernice before her consulting launching. She is an excellent freelancer to work with even with the time difference I still got the best result. She was able to complete the task within 2 days. She is an amazing Agile Coach and I am happy her coaching skills is professional.
Niki Dunkins
Team Member
Bernice is a great freelancer to work with. She is quick, responsive and works hard to understand your needs. She has very good knowledge of Agile and many adoptation techniques. Our Scrum team is back on track and it's thanks to her. She is always willing to share her experience in this area.